Call of Duty: Warzone players are encountering a wall glitch on Rebirth Island

It might be best to avoid this area for now.

Image via Activision

Rebirth Island was recently added to Call of Duty: Warzone at the beginning of Black Ops Cold War’s first season last month. The map is much smaller than Verdansk and allows players to continually engage other teams while they fight to survive. But a new glitch allows players to become invincible if they hide inside of a wall.

One player was moving through the inside of a warehouse collecting loot from a dead body when he started taking fire from an unseen enemy. The player moved to cover once they realized the enemy was inside of a wall. 

The player had his teammate attempt to eliminate the enemy, but both of them were eventually killed. The killcam showed the enemy inside of the wall next to an ATV, returning fire without taking damage from incoming gunfire. 

Wall glitches have appeared throughout Verdansk but haven't been as common on Rebirth island. Players could use vehicles to glitch into walls across Verdansk last year, while some players found wall glitches on accident. The ATV inside the wall on Rebirth Island might indicate the player used a similar vehicle exploit to enter this area. 

It's unclear if the cheating player can exit the wall after glitching inside, but it's still an effective spot in most situations. If the gas closes in on this portion of the island, other players will have no chance to defeat the enemy. 

Many Warzone players are unhappy with the game’s current state since multiple overpowered weapons are ruining the experience. This glitch is yet another thing for players to worry about, but it could be fixed soon.