Call of Duty: Warzone bug allows players to glitch into walls

Hopefully for fans, it's an isolated problem.

Image via Activision

Call of Duty: Warzone players have encountered glitches and bugs that have impacted almost every aspect of the game. Some are minor and slightly annoying, while others are game-breaking and difficult to avoid.

One Warzone player shared a new glitch today that allows players to get inside the walls of a building and shoot at unsuspecting enemies. 

The player uploaded a clip of them parachuting off the roof of a building in the Barakett Promenade East location on the Warzone map. They meant to land on the adjacent roof to join their teammates, but they fell short and hit the wall. Usually, players would land on the ground and take the stairs, but the player glitched into the building’s wall instead. 

Once they were inside the walls, they were able to move around the second story and fire into the accessible areas. Their teammate confirmed that they could see their bullets but could not see the player walking around. They were also able to jump down into the first floor and move around the entire building with ease. 

It is unclear if the player could escape the glitch once inside the building, but the spot could still provide an unfair advantage if enemies were inside. It is also unclear if the glitch is replicable, but similar wall glitches have been found around the map. 

Warzone players were previously able to get inside of a pillar in the Stadium and shoot enemies while invulnerable to damage. Players were also able to get beneath the map in specific locations, which is still a problem

Infinity Ward recently fixed the notorious unlimited tactical equipment glitch that allowed players to survive in the gas indefinitely or to bombard their enemies with unlimited stun grenades. Now that the game-breaking bug is resolved, the developers will hopefully have time to fix these boundaries issues.