Call of Duty: Warzone player transforms into munitions box

Some players might prefer this option.

Image via Activision

A Call of Duty: Warzone player witnessed their teammate turning into a munitions box as they prepared to jump out of the spawn plane. It is unclear what caused the glitch, but having a munitions box instead of a teammate might not be a bad thing. 

The Warzone player was loading into their match and marking locations where their team should drop. As their team prepared to jump out of the plane, one of the players mysteriously transformed into a munitions box. The players were confused about the situation and were forced to enter the match at a disadvantage.

Other players tried to come up with an explanation for the odd glitch, but most were just as confused as the player. One player claimed that this same glitch happens on their Xbox One console, while their friend had no issues on their PS4. The original clip is recorded on PC, however, so it is not likely an isolated issue on the Xbox One. The glitch does not directly impact players in a match, but it does cause them to start the game off with one less teammate than other teams. 

Another player also shared their recent troubles with munition boxes appearing as other objects. They claimed that armor boxes are bugged for them and turn into munitions boxes when deployed. In some cases, the box simply drops nothing and is just a waste of cash. 

These two glitches are just the latest issues Warzone players have experienced throughout the last few weeks. These seem to be less game-breaking or exploitable but are still annoying issues that should not be present.