Call of Duty: Warzone player launched out of map after colliding with tree

Beware of killer trees.

Image via Activision

Dropping back into Call of Duty: Warzone after being eliminated is a wonderful feeling. Players must fight in the Gulag or be revived by their teammates to re-enter the match—and those aren’t easy tasks.

Dying quickly after respawning usually hurts more than the first time since all the hard work was wasted. One player encountered a new form of disappointment earlier today after being launched by a tree out of the map when landing on the map.

A player uploaded a clip of them dropping into Warzone on the outskirts of the map. As they pulled their parachute right before landing, they collided with a tree, which normally doesn’t cause any damage. This time, however, the tree immediately downed the player and launched them into the air and out of the map.

“Oh, what the fuck?” The player exclaimed. “I just got sent across the map.”

The Gulag was already closed by this point in the game, so the player wasn’t able to win themselves back into the match. They were forced to spectate their teammates and hope they could eventually buy them back in.

The player colliding with the tree most likely caused the glitch to occur. So far, this doesn’t seem to be a widespread issue. There have been other environmental glitches in Modern Warfare in the past, however, such as office chairs and bushes that kill players when touched.

Warzone has a huge map with hundreds of trees, so be careful—there might be more killer trees hiding around the map.