Office chairs are killing players in Call of Duty: Modern Warfare

Think twice before hitting a chair next time.

Image via Activision

Office chairs usually don’t pose a threat, but these mundane pieces of office furniture are beginning to fight back in Call of Duty: Modern Warfare.

A user on Reddit posted a clip of themselves hitting an office chair with their knife on the map St. Petrograd. The chair began slowly spinning around and killed the player, who then respawned outside of the building.

A few other users claim the bug has been in the game since launch but has only recently been reported. This is not the first case of inanimate objects killing players in Modern Warfare.

In December players discovered a bush on the Port of Verdansk that killed anyone who touched it. Their death would be registered as a head shot but with no credited killer. The same kill notification is given when the chair kills a player, so it’s most likely a similar glitch.

The bush glitch does not seem to be fixed yet, but hopefully for fans of the game, the new chair bug will help catch the attention of Infinity Ward.

St. Petrograd also has several wall breaking glitches that turn players invincible and allow them to get below the map, so it might be time for a full map overhaul.

Other glitches In Modern Warfare have been fixed in updates, so players may be saved from the killer office chairs in the future.