Call of Duty: Warzone player encounters black hole visual glitch

The bug is a big problem.

Image via Activision

Call of Duty: Warzone players have experienced a variety of bugs and glitches since the game’s release earlier this month. Most recently, one player experienced a major visual glitch that completely obscured their vision in-game and caused them to die.

A player uploaded a clip of them pushing towards an enemy on the floor above them. As they got closer, the enemy hit a few shots onto the player which made them retreat to the first floor. The player knew the enemy would push to try and finish off the kill, so they aimed at the doorway to prepare for the attack.

Instead of the enemy, the player encountered a black visual glitch that came towards them from the doorway and eventually took over their entire screen. The glitch made it impossible for the player to see the enemy coming into the room and eventually died.

The player claims this glitch happens almost every game for them, and other users confirmed they have also experienced the visual bug. Some players have experienced it only once or twice, so it might be more common for specific players. The original player was playing on PC when the issue occurred, so it might be more of a problem on that platform.

This is not the first glitch to occur in Warzone. A player was recently launched out of the map after colliding with a bugged tree. Summit1g also experienced a glitch that prevented him from healing after being revived.

Infinity Ward is aware of the problem, however. There is a card in the official Trello Board describing the full screen black corruption. Hopefully for fans the issue will be addressed soon.