Call of Duty streamer calls out Warzone 2 devs: ‘They keep finding new ways to stop players from engaging’

Warzone 2 continues to receive heavy criticism.

Image via Activision

With Call of Duty: Warzone 2 continuing to receive backlash from players over its content drops and gameplay updates, one member of the community has been particularly vocal about the game’s state on social media—IceManIsaac.

Today, the longtime CoD content creator tweeted his strong disapproval of Raven Software’s latest Resurgence mode update for Ashika Island in Warzone 2. Citing that the average number of remaining squads making it to late game in Resurgence lobbies was higher than its “intended amount,” Raven nerfed the ways in which players could lower the Resurgence Timers for their teammates, essentially making it harder to avoid getting eliminated earlier.

“Some of the most incredible gunplay in the FPS scene and they keep finding new ways to stop players from engaging in it,” IceManIssac said on Twitter.

In recent days, IceManIssac also openly criticized the Warzone 2 developers with a number of other tweets.

Yesterday, he tweeted a minute-long clip of him taking out an entire squad solo in Warzone Caldera. He captioned the video “Impossible on Warzone 2,” and in it, pleaded for the devs to bring the game back to the level of its predecessor’s glory days.

“Oh my god, just give me it back!” IceManIsaac yelled in the clip. “I want it back, please!”

On Thursday, the streamer tweeted that he has “a direct line to the Warzone 2 devs” and that he’s working on a video to send to them that lists and shows examples of bugs and changes that players want to see addressed.

There’s perhaps no better example of a change that IceManIsaac believe needs to happen than what he posted on Wednesday. The clip shows him getting absolutely demolished on two separate occasions by players using the seemingly overpowered Basilisk pistol.

“3+ years later and we still have secondary pistols that kill in two shots,” IceManIsaac tweeted. “Elementary mistakes like this make me think they’ll never get it right. There’s no excuse here. This doesn’t require development hours. They never learn from their mistakes.”

In a reply to the tweet, Isaac followed up by mentioning that he thinks Activision cannot sit idle while players continue to complain about the game.

“Please don’t start with this ‘only care about the money’ talk,” he said. “They’re literally killing their game in every way possible. Wait for Q1 earnings to be released.”

With player counts seemingly dipping and other prominent streamers “stepping away” from the game, it appears plenty of eyes will be watching to see if Warzone 2’s third season is a step in the right direction.

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