Call of Duty confirms 200 player Warzone matches coming tomorrow

That's a lot of gamers dropping into Verdansk.

Image via Activision

Call of Duty has officially confirmed the addition of 200-player matches in Warzone—and it’s coming tomorrow, June 30.

Activision announced that Warzone would support 200 players in March when the game was originally released, but it seems like it’s finally ready to be added.

Warzone has supported 150 players since launch, but there hasn’t been a ton of changes made to the game since. Adding 25 percent more players to the match could certainly shake things up.

Other rumors around Warzone include rumblings about a new map, which could coincide with Call of Duty 2020. Underground areas of the current map of Verdansk housing a missile also tease some changes coming to the game.

Call of Duty’s tweet also confirmed tomorrow will bring the Rytec AMR sniper rifle to the game, as well as a new multiplayer map and a new Operator alongside the 200-player mode.

Warzone has been a big hit since it came out earlier this year, and with further updates like this, it could grow even bigger.