Activision confirms Call of Duty: Warzone will eventually support 200 players

That's a whole lot of gamers.

Image via Activision

Call of Duty: Warzone’s current player count of 150 will soon balloon to 200, Activision has confirmed.

Infinity Ward co-head Patrick Kelly told USA Today that the studio is playing with 200 players and that it’ll come to the game soon.

“We brought a number of twists to battle royale,” Kelly said. “I do think the world you play in is going to be undeniably unique. For one thing, we are initially going to roll out with 150 players, when you are typically seeing 60 to 100. Actually, I can tell you we are already playing with 200 players. We are going to release that a little bit later.”

Warzone’s map is large and it’s constantly being refilled with players who re-enter the game after being defeated, so it already feels quite packed. Adding 50 more players to the fray will make things even more interesting.

The map is filled with classic Call of Duty locations, vehicles, tons of loot, and plenty of places for players to explore. The game offers squads in groups of three.

It’s unclear when the player count will change or if it’ll be separate from the current playlist that boasts 150 players.