Call of Duty 2020 might finally be revealed this week

Better late than never.

Image via Activision

After many months of silence and speculation, we could finally be getting the official reveal of 2020’s Call of Duty title soon.

Through a long-winded and convoluted ARG, Call of Duty community members like NoahJ456 and other YouTubers have been deciphering codes and puzzles over the past week to seemingly try to unlock the game’s reveal.

It started with a mysterious package and old-school slide projectors and continued this weekend with in-game locations in Black Ops 4 and Call of Duty: Warzone.

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It’s been a tremendous effort all-around, on both sides—the community and the creators. The puzzles are seemingly meant to unlock the reveal of Treyarch’s game, but they’ve incorporated locations inside Warzone, a game by Infinity Ward and Raven Software. Raven is also working on CoD 2020.

One of the websites unlocked through the puzzle solving has six days marked down, starting with Friday, Aug. 14. Each day, as ciphers were decrypted and new information was found inside Warzone locations, the dates have been crossed off.

Today is Aug. 17 and more clues will be given at 11am CT. There are two more lines left after that, meaning that the final day of the puzzle could be this Wednesday, Aug. 19. The reveal of CoD 2020 could be coming then, or sometime shortly after, once the final puzzle is solved.

Call of Duty titles have traditionally been revealed in June at or around E3, so this year is definitely a different experience. The game is likely coming out within the next three months, so the reveal is highly anticipated—and it seems like it’s closer than ever.