Blazt steps away from competitive Call of Duty to focus on streaming

Fans can expect more Warzone content.

Image via MLG

Professional Call of Duty player Rasim “Blazt” Ogresevic has stepped away from competing to focus on streaming Warzone. The talented player spent the inaugural season of the Call of Duty League with the Los Angeles Guerrillas as a substitute but was dropped at the end of the season.

Blazt started competing in 2017 in Call of Duty: WWII. He spent time on the Ground Zero roster alongside other notable players such as Mboze, Fero, and Parasite. The team found success and placed top eight in their first NA MLG 2K, and their online success secured a pool play spot at the CWL Dallas Open. The team made it out of pool play but was eliminated shortly after. 

Blazt competed for multiple teams throughout 2018, including Next Threat, Most Wanted, eRa Eternity, and compLexity. He continued to prove himself as a strong player during the Black Ops 4 season and eventually joined the Los Angeles Guerrillas as a substitute player for the inaugural CDL season. 

Every team dropped several players at the end of the first CDL season, and Blazt was cut from the Guerrillas roster alongside four other players. After leaving the team, Blazt competed in various events with Parasite, Decemate, and Halo pro Neptune. 

The amateur lineup announced that they were looking for an organization to represent during the 2021 Challengers season in November. The new lineup won a GameBattles tournament in late November but failed to place higher than fourth in the next three tournaments. 

Blazt's announcement states that he's confident that he can be a top Warzone player and streamer, and fans can likely expect consistent streams going forward.