Parasite, Decemate, Blazt, and Halo player Neptune to compete together in 2021 Challengers season

Fans can expect an entertaining 2021 Call of Duty Challengers season.

Image via Call of Duty League

Professional Call of Duty players Parasite, Decemate, and Blazt have teamed up with Halo pro Neptune for the 2021 Challengers season. The team is openly looking for an organization to represent in the upcoming season, Blazt revealed today. 

Decemate and Blazt spent the inaugural season of the Call of Duty League with the Los Angeles Guerrillas. The Guerrillas struggled throughout the season, ended the year in last place, and ultimately cut five players from its roster, including Blazt and Decemate. 

Parasite has years of professional Call of Duty experience and is a 2013 World Champion. He also has previous experience with Blazt as they competed together for Midnight Esports during the Black Ops 4 season. Parasite spent the inaugural CDL season in the Challengers League and competed with multiple teams, including UYU and Five Star. 

Neptune is an established Halo player who previously played for Elevate and Renegades. He started making a name for himself in the amateur Call of Duty scene during the Black Ops 4 season and is considered a potential rising star. Other Call of Duty players such as FormaL and Shotzzy have successfully transitioned from Halo to CoD, so it’s possible Neptune could make it to a professional team in the future. 

Call of Duty Challengers recently unveiled the Scouting Series and Challengers Elite program, which will expose more fans to the amateur scene and provide more opportunities for players to catch the attention of professional organizations. London Royal Ravens head coach Dominate confirmed that they will be watching the Scouting Series closely, so players like Parasite and Blazt will have another chance to make it to the big leagues. 

The team is not currently signed to an organization, but the talented lineup will likely find a home before the 2021 season.