Benson no longer a part of Call of Duty League broadcast team

He said he couldn't explain why because of advice from his legal counsel.

Photo via Call of Duty League™

Veteran esports commentator and host Ben “Benson” Bowe announced today that he’s no longer working with Activision or the Call of Duty League. He said his legal counsel advised him not to say why, however.

Benson had been one of three play-by-play commentators for the CDL during its inaugural season this year. From January to June, he commentated alongside Thomas “Chance” Ashworth. But Benson was absent from the New York Home Series this past weekend. In place of Benson, Chance worked with Miles Ross, whose broadcast partner, Philip “Momo” Whitfield, was fired on June 30 following sexual misconduct allegations.

While Benson declined to say why he’s no longer with Activision, Emilia Rose, one of the women who went to Activision with allegations of sexual misconduct against Whitfield, said on Reddit that Benson was fired by Activision “for similar reasons to Momo.”

Esports insider Rod “Slasher” Breslau previously said there were two CDL broadcasters who had been fired due to sexual misconduct allegations, but he didn’t name either broadcaster.

Benson had been a mainstay on Call of Duty and Activision broadcasts for several years. He regularly worked as a commentator, host, or analyst at CoD and Gears of War events. Additionally, he formerly casted at UMG events and co-hosted studio talk shows at MLG.

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Although he’s been rather quiet on social media, Benson said he was made an “incredible offer” and that he’ll have more information soon.