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Read Article Phil Spencer, top Xbox brass to discuss ‘business’ future on a podcast this week
An Xbox Series X on an interesting green and black background.
Read Article Humble Bundle crosses $250 million mark in charity donations
Humble Bundle charity infographic
Read Article Disney invests $1.5B in Epic Games, starts work on Fortnite-style universe for IPs
Disney Epic Games partnership promotional image showing islands connecting various Disney fanchises.
Read Article Should Xbox players be upset that their exclusives might be heading to PlayStation?
The Xbox logo floating in space.
Read Article Why does Xbox want to start putting its games on PlayStation?
A player aiming at an enemy.
Read Article Saudi presence in esports grows with 6-figure annual payment program for 28 orgs
Esports World Cup logo in gold lettering.
Read Article TSM’s public image takes a hit from shock manager layoff, leaving only 9 people reported employees
An image of TSM's jersey during the 2023 LCS Summer Split.
Read Article Former Call of Duty boss takes reins as Blizzard’s new president
Blizzard logo on a blue background.
Read Article Gaming layoffs in 2024 are already on course to be even worse than last year
A red Riot Games sign can be seen to the far left of a big developer building.
Read Article Fortnite will return to iOS devices this year—but not for everyone
A player gliding in a Fortnite promotional image.


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