How to complete the Master of the Elements challenge in BItLife
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How to complete Master of the Elements Challenge in BitLife

Can you master all four elements?

The weekend has begun, with it, another BitLife challenge for you to work on. Starting today, the Master of the Elements challenge is available, and you can begin working on it immediately before it goes away.

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Like the other BitLife challenges, there are a series of tasks you need to work through to complete it. These tasks all have to do with the challenge, and more often than not, you’re better off starting a brand new character to tackle it. For those looking to master these elements, you do want to start with a brand new character.

All Master of the Elements challenge tasks in BitLife

All Master of the Elements Challenge tasks in BitLife
There are six tasks to complete for the Master of the Elements challenge. Screenshot by Dot Esports

You need to work your way through six tasks to complete the Master of the Elements challenge in BitLife. Many have to do with your character going through a career, so you should prepare to educate them properly. You have until April 24 to complete it.

These are the six tasks you need to tackle for the Master of the Elements challenge in BitLife.

  • Be born a male in Nepal
  • Purchase and ride a jet ski
  • Purchase and fly any aircraft
  • Become a construction worker
  • Become a firefighter
  • Marry your best friend

You need to start the game by making sure your character begins in the country of Nepal, and they need to be a male. After you go through this, your Smart skills and education are following to focus on. The more education you have, the easier it is to navigate multiple careers, similar to the Pushing Roses challenge.

When you reach 18, I recommend focusing on career-based tasks, namely becoming a construction worker and firefighter. These are careers you should be able to acquire without too much effort, but like every profession in BitLife, it comes down to seeing they appear in the Occupation tab. This tab contains all the randomly posted jobs you can apply to, and if you don’t see Construction Worker or Firefighter, close out of the BitLife application, power it back up, and see what new jobs you can apply for. Continue doing this until you get a Firefighter or Construction Worker, and then apply for one, like the Tortured Artist challenge.

Remain in these jobs for at least a year, then switch to the next one. You don’t have to remain in these jobs. You only need to have them at least once before you can move on and focus on a better career with more income. Eventually, you need to purchase a jet ski and an aircraft. You need to undergo training to get your boating and pilot’s licenses, which you can do after a quick quiz. Upon completing the quiz, buy the cheapest jet ski and airplane to use them at least once.

The last thing you need to do is marry your best friend. You can increase your relationship with any of your friends and eventually date them. A quick way to do this is to shower them with gifts as often as possible. When the two of you are dating, all that’s left is to marry them and hold the marriage for at least a year.

With that, you will have completed the Master of the Elements challenge in BitLife. You can choose from one of the randomly offered gifts to earn your reward and knock another BitLife challenge on your profile.

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