New post from Minthara voice actress has BG3 fans thinking DLC content is on the way

"I can fix her..."

Minthara, a purple-skinned Drow from Baldur's Gate 3, stares at the player.
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Baldur’s Gate 3 conspiracy theorists have spun into overdrive this week after Emma Gregory, the voice actor for everybody’s favorite “I Can Fix Her” character Minthara revealed she was back in the recording studio.

Gregory, in a Sept. 28 tweet, commented on how great it was to be back in the studio at Pitstop, where dialogue for BG3 was recorded, while also tagging voice and performance director Kirsty Gillmore.

Fans of the game obviously began to theorize about what Gregory may have been working on, with most concluding that new content for Minthara, at the very least, was very likely to be on its way. It’s hard to disagree.

One player isn’t holding out hope just yet, but should new content be added, they hope in a future playthrough they’ll be able to recruit Minthara without needing to decimate the Emerald Grove. Another believes the somewhat random capitalization of the word “Absolute” means something more, perhaps a reference to the Cult of the Absolute.

However, we shouldn’t get our hopes up just yet. Most likely, Gregory is recording alternate dialogue for moments and occurrences that are already in BG3. The likelihood that new content is being made when Larian Studios still hasn’t announced any definitive plans for DLC is unfortunately slim.

Still, alternate voice lines for Minthara would be nice. As many have pointed out, BG3 is somewhat lacking in evil playthroughs and new content surrounding the Drow would be welcome. All of the Origin Companions are either entirely or mostly good and complicated at worst. Other than Minthara, Astarion is the closest thing that we have to an evil companion, and he is really just traumatized, bless his soul.

Evil playthroughs cause you to miss out on a lot of content in BG3, and fans have noticed and expressed their disappointment since the game’s release. Larian Studios has proven to be very on point about listening to and implementing feedback from fans thus far.

Since release, they have added endings for Karlach, added the ability to remove custom characters from multiplayer campaigns, and allowed players to change their appearance during a playthrough—all of which were primary player complaints following launch.

Given their track record, it wouldn’t at all be surprising to learn that Larian Studios is indeed adding more content to make evil playthroughs feel more complete and satisfying to players. Even if that means just having more dialogue options with Minthara, we’ll take what we can get for the time being.

After all, BG3 used motion capture for all voice-acted characters, so adding more lines of dialogue to the game is a much longer and more arduous process than simply recording some new dialogue and calling it a day.


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