Baldur’s Gate 3: How to reach and use the Adamantine Forge

A truly unique experience in BG3.
The Adamantine Forge getting filled with lava in Baldur's Gate 3
Screenshot by Dot Esports

The Adamantine Forge is one of the most intriguing locations in all of Baldur’s Gate 3. It is an ancient forge that is used to create extremely powerful and unique weapons and armor.

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However, the forge is difficult to find and use, as you will need to follow a series of specific steps before you can even turn it on. There is also a terrifying enemy to face before you get to claim your new gear. In this guide, I will go over exactly how you can reach and then activate the Adamantine Forge in BG3.

Adamantine Forge location in Baldur’s Gate 3

To reach the Adamantine Forge, you have to go through the Underdark, which is the under-the-surface world in Baldur’s Gate 3. There are four different ways of reaching the Underdark:

  1. Going through a pit in the Whispering Depths dungeon
  2. Solving a puzzle in the Defiled Temple at the goblin camp
  3. Progressing through the Zhentarim Hideout
  4. Diving into a pit underneath Auntie Ethel’s teahouse
A screenshot of the map in Baldur's Gate 3 highlighting the Underdark - Beach location.
The location of the beach waypoint in the Underdark. | Screenshot by Dot Esports

Regardless of how you get there, you need to reach a specific waypoint called the Underdark – Beach. This waypoint is right in the middle of the Underdark, and you can find it southwest of the Myconid Colony and north of the Arcane Tower. There is a map screenshot below for reference.

Getting to the Grymforge

Once you reach the beach waypoint, you need to take the boat that is located at the dock. This boat brings you to the Grymforge, a place where gnomes are enslaved and has access to Moonrise Towers. You’ll next want to follow the steps below to get to the Adamantine Forge:

  1. Head south of the Grymforge waypoint until you reach an area with lava around it. There should be gnomes trying to dig a man named Nere out of a cave-in
  2. To the left of the cave-in, there is a small patch of rock near a fallen statue of Shar where you can jump, teleport, or fly to reach an upper level of a rock platform.
Characters standing on a rock platform above lava in a cavern.
The spot you need to jump or teleport to reach the forge waypoint. | Screenshot by Dot Esports

Only one of your characters needs to get up to that spot, as going forward will eventually allow you to reach the Adamantine Forge waypoint. Once you discover this, your party can fast-travel to it. At this waypoint, you will find some enemies along with different kinds of moulds lying around. Grab as many of them as you can find, as they are paramount to working the forge. There is a Mace, Splint, and Scale armor mould in the direct vicinity around the waypoint.

The Baldur's Gate 3 map showing the Ancient Forge waypoint.
The location of the forge waypoint. | Screenshot by Dot Esports

Finding Mithral Ore at the Adamantine Forge

To find the Mithral ore, which is the second piece you need to activate the forge, follow the steps below:

  1. From the waypoint, go southeast to reach a set of descending steps, which you’ll find the Adamantine Forge at the bottom.
  2. Before going to the forge platform, go to the left on the rocks until you see a blue rock
  3. Enemies will ambush you, so be prepared. Defeat them and then blow up the blue rock.
  4. If done properly, you should receive the Mithral ore and you can now proceed to the forge with both mould and ore.
A characer ascends stone steps as a lava waterfall flows in the background.
The Mithril Ore near the forge. | Screenshot by Dot Esports

Activating the Adamantine Forge in BG3

Spawning the Grym

At the forge, you will see a crucible, a mould ejection lever, and a mould chamber. Follow the steps below:

  1. Click on the crucible and insert your Mithral ore
  2. Click the mould chamber and put one of your moulds inside the box
  3. Go to the lever on the back of the platform
  4. Press it to bring a hammer down on the crucible, causing the forge to descend to the lava below.
  5. Find the lava lever on the opposite side of the forge platform
  6. Pull the lever to release the lava into the platform

This will spawn the Grym enemy, a giant construct with over 200 health. If you examine the Grym, you will see it has no weaknesses. To beat this enormous enemy, you need to ensure it is in the lava so it becomes Superheated. Then, you want to get one of your characters on the mould chamber and another one of your characters near the forge lever that descended the platform.

Characters in combat at the forge, a circular set of stone platforms atop a lake of lava.
The ideal position of your characters for the Grym fight. | Screenshot by Dot Esports

Defeating the Grym

With this setup in place, you’ll need to follow the next steps to defeat the Grym:

  1. Have your character stand in the mould chamber and attack the Grym. This will force the Grym to focus that character
  2. Get the Grym to stand on the circular crucibile platform, which will happen if it’s targeting your character on the mould chamber.
  3. Drop the forge hammer on the Grym once this happens, making sure there is still lava around, as the hammer doesn’t do damage when the lava is drained.

If all goes right, the Grym will take massive damage and fall down. You need to repeat this process to kill it. Once that happens, you will be able to take your weapon or armor from the mould chamber. This will be of Adamantine variety, which allows the wearer or wielder to avoid all critical hits.

The forge now elevated above the lava, ready for use.
Pick up your Adamantine gear after defeating the Grym.| Screenshot by Dot Esports

All Adamantine Forge armors in Baldur’s Gate 3

  1. Adamantine Splint Armour
  2. Adamantine Scale Mail
  3. Adamantine Mace
  4. Adamantine Shield
  5. Adamantine Scimitar
  6. Adamantine Longsword
A character posing in Adamantine Armor, wielding a mace.
Full Set of Adamantine Armour including the Adamantine Mace.| Screenshot by Dot Esports

Unfortunately, the shining set does not include a helmet, but the rest is stunning and a great medium armor for your playthrough! That’s everything you need to know about reaching and using the Adamantine Forge in Baldur’s Gate 3.

Author’s Note:

I made the Scale Mail armor and a Mace for my Paladin, which looks fantastic as a set!

The forge is reusable as long as you have another mould and more Mithral Ore. You can find another bit of ore right near the forge waypoint.

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