Rank 1 Legend Guide: Aggro Shaman

Hello everyone! Sempok here, this time bringing you a guide for a deck that I managed to get Rank 1 Legend with, and of course the deck was an Aggro one. I’ve been testing Aggro Shaman extensively for the past two seasons now, trying to optimize the list. This was the deck that I had […]

Top 3 Legend Aggro Druid Guide!

Hello everyone, Sempok here, bringing you the deck guide for an absolutely insane deck. I’ve always been an Aggro player at heart, finding pure joy only while SMOrcing my opponents. With the recent nerfs, the last good Aggro deck – Aggro Shaman – met its demise. With no real good Aggro deck prevalent in the […]

Beast Druid – The Definitive Legend Guide

Hello everyone! Sempok here, bringing you yet another deck guide, this time featuring Beast Druid. I’ve been playing Beast Druid for a really long time. I always felt that the deck had untapped potential. In fact, I hit legend with Beast Druid a few seasons ago, when ONiK had not even been released. After a […]

Top 5 Most Surprisingly Good Cards of ONiK

In every expansion, there are cards that are undervalued at launch but excel when tested out. Cards that are misjudged by casual and pro players alike but find a spot in the meta. Now, since the dust has settled and the cards have been analyzed, we will be talking about those cards. I’m Sempok, and […]

Curator Midrange Hunter – Rank 5 to Legend Guide

Greetings traveler! Sempok here, bringing you another insane deck. This is my own take on the traditional Midrange Hunter list that has been floating around for a while. I used this deck to hit Legend this season with an astonishing 78% winrate (32-9). My winrate dropped in the later ranks when I faced several Aggro […]

Karazhan Wing #3 Deck Tech: Midrange Beast Druid!

Hey guys, Sempok here. Today, I’ll be talking about a deck that I have been thinking about for a really long time now. Pre-Standard, I used to be a huge Druid enthusiast and Midrange Druid was one of the if not the favorite deck of mine. So much so that I tried to make Midrange […]

Secret Hybrid Hunter – Legend Guide

Hello everyone, Sempok here again bringing you another deck guide in the first week of Karazhan. I was rank 5 when Karazhan hit and I reached legend with a deck that I made and decided to write a guide about it. I think that this deck is absurdly strong and can beat even the strongest of decks […]

Legend Deck Guide: N’Zoth Hunter!

Hey guys, Sempok here. Back with another Legend guide. This time, I will be talking about a N’Zoth Hunter list that I created myself and piloted to Legend. I hit Legend after hitting rank 5 in a surprisingly quick time period, going 44-19. I used this deck primarily because it is extremely strong against Warrior […]

Top 5 Old Cards Enabled by WotOG

The Standard format brought a lot of new cards that stemmed numerous creative deck archetypes and helped revitalize or improve others, but it also did something that is my favorite phenomenon in card games. Enabling old cards and making them useful. Today, we shall be talking about cards that were released before Standard but didn’t […]

Top 5 Most Disappointing Cards of WoToG

Hey guys, Sempok here. You might remember me from my post a few weeks ago that talked about Top 5 Most Surprisingly Good Cards of WoToG. Well today I’ll be talking about the polar opposite of those cards. Every expansion has cards that people think of as amazing. They look at the card and think,”Yep, that […]