Imp Discard Warlock [Karazhan Week #4]

Hey guys! So we have already seen a flavor of discard Zoo Warlock with the first wing of One Night in Karazhan. Well, if you loved that deck, you are in for a treat! because the last week of the adventure brings us an amazingly wonderful card that fits right in the deck. Yes, of […]

‘Menagerie’ Token Beast Druid Deck Brew [Karazhan Week #3]

Third week of One Night in Karazhan is going to be an interesting one, for sure. Not only are we getting fun cards like and , we are also getting some really solid cards like Menagerie Warden that are going to be extremely viable in competitive environment, or so I hope. Well, if you are […]

Karazhan ‘The Menagerie’ Divine Shield Zoo Paladin

Hey guys! So you must have been enjoying One Night in Karazhan so far. It has been a great adventure, after all! Well, might have been a bit game breaking but it has sure been fun as anything. And not to mention the shenanigans. If you haven’t already tried any decks till now, you should […]

Karazhan ‘The Opera’ Secret Midrange Hunter Deck Brew

Hey Guys! What’s brewing? Because I know what is. Decks, more decks are brewing! Medivh’s party is at full swing and more minions and spells are pouring in with every passing hour! So I guess you all must have been enjoying the first batch of cards that One Night in Karazhan brought out. Many really […]

One Night in Karazhan – New Cards!

Hey guys! What’s going on? Mighty here, and you have not heard from me in more than a month now. I was mainly busy with life and my new job, but now I am back and you can expect regular content from me. Anyway, let us move on to the topic. The big night is […]

Aggro Mage Deck Guide [Wild Format]

Hey guys! Thanks for the great response to my earlier articles and guides. I hope you are all doing ell on the ladder and in tournaments. Some of you might already be bored by the stale ladder environment. Well, cheer up! This time around, I bring you something different. I bring you a deck for […]

Budget F2P Classic Priest Deck Brew

Hey guys! Thanks for the great response to my earlier guides on Midrange Hunter, Zoo Warlock and Beast Druid. It meant a lot to me. Well anyway, on to business. This time around I decided to present something quite different from what I have been doing till now. Today, rather than doing a traditional deck […]