Karazhan ‘The Opera’ Secret Midrange Hunter Deck Brew

Hey Guys! What’s brewing? Because I know what is. Decks, more decks are brewing! Medivh’s party is at full swing and more minions and spells are pouring in with every passing hour! So I guess you all must have been enjoying the first batch of cards that One Night in Karazhan brought out. Many really […]

The Opera awaits!

Hey Guys! What’s brewing? Because I know what is. Decks, more decks are brewing! Medivh’s party is at full swing and more minions and spells are pouring in with every passing hour!

So I guess you all must have been enjoying the first batch of cards that One Night in Karazhan brought out. Many really cool decks and brews were posted on the website which I’m pretty sure you would have great fun playing them! But there are only so many strategies one can create with a limited amount of cards.

Well, worry not! For the next wing comes out today! Yes, it is time for The Opera! We are getting some really cool cards like Kindly Grandmother, Barnes and Arcane Giant! There will be many new decks to try out and many new cool shenanigans to brag about.

Secret Midrange Hunter!

Alright, let us get down to the very first deck drew. And it is none other than the good old Midrange Hunter! This time in a new different flavor though. Yes, here we have the Secret Midrange Hunter, all thanks to the new Cloaked Huntress we got in the first week. Also featuring, Kindly Grandmother and Barnes from the Karazhan Opera.

Before getting into the deck details, let us take a trip down the memory lane, when Secret Paladin was still new on the scene. Aggro secret Paladin created all the hype but it was the Midrange version which settled down to reign supreme. I guess the likes of Dr. Boom and Tirion Fordring were too good. Similarly, how can one forget Savannah Highmane and Call of the Wild? These two cards are simply too good to not play Midrange Hunter.

Many people have been running Secret Face Hunter and have had considerable success with the deck. Many have tried Midrange versions as well. Both decks are indeed pretty good. But I, for one wanted to show my own flavor of my favorite Midrange Hunter. Midrange Hunter was easily one of the most consistent tournament decks of the Old Gods meta and should continue to remain so.

The Deck

I kept the core of the deck intact while incorporating the incorporating the secret synergy brought about by Cloaked Huntress. The wing we are getting today also gives us Kindly Grandmother which I think should be a fine addition to the deck. While I am excited about the card, only including one copy for now because the two drop slot is already saturated because I am running four secrets along with Flame Juggler and King’s Elekk. Also included is Barnes, to which I will get to later. I guess I will explain all the choices in brief and my thought process.


None of your Business – The Secrets and support

Cloaked Huntress – This card replaces Carrion Grub for now. There is only so much you can play in the 3-drop slot because most of the major Hunter staples fall in this slot. And with four effective secrets that are good throughout the game, anytime you might play them, this card can give insane value. More secrets can be played, and I might too, but I do not feel like overextending in that department, at least not yet. I don’t feel like sacrificing the consistency for potentially increased value that I might get. Also, cannot really cut out the big threats. I might end up playing more secrets, but only testing will tell. You can go ahead and try that out! Even without the secrets, a 3/4 for 3 mana was never bad.

Freezing trap – Nothing new. One of the best Tempo Swing cards late game and cheap removal early game.

Bear Trap – Helpful if you miss a 2-drop because this card is kind of a pseudo 2-drop. Also helps a ton against aggressive decks.

Snake Trap – Helps maintain the board advantage. And board presence is one thing paramount for a Midrange deck.

Eaglehorn Bow – While this indeed is a staple, it becomes all the more powerful with Cloaked Huntress and increased secret quantity. Insane synergy possible with Huntress plays.


The Advancing Party – The 2-drops

Flame Juggler – Now I love this card. Love it enough to run it over Huge toad. I feel that 2/3 kind of helps me better against those 2/1s and other cards that can easily remove the two health stuff. Also, not to mention the immediate Juggle you get upon summoning.  Opponent plays Fiery Bat, you play Juggler and Snipe it and win the game. Opponent plays Bat and you play Toad, and well, he kills it with Bat and you lose the game.

Kings-Elekk – With high spell concentration, drawing into Highmane or that Kodo or even one of your four drops becomes easier.

Kindly Grandmother – The card of the hour! The only inclusion from wing two, this card has the potential to be a great addition. It only needs to be seen. Helps the deck stabilize against board clears. Only one copy for now for testing purposes.


The Staples – Obvious Choices

Quick Shot, Animal Companion, Kill Command, Unleash the Hounds – The Hunter staples which need no explain and without which no hunter deck is complete, be it face or Midrange.


The Big Guns – The Finishers

Savannah Highmane, Call of the Wild – The only reason ever to play the Midrange Hunter archetype. Without these, would rather just play Face Hunter. Two of the best late game threats ever.


The Others

Tracking – Cycles itself and helps you curve out better. I’ve been brought out of a bad hand situation many a times by this card. I used to run two copies even, but with all the secrets being necessary, there was no space for more.

Deadly Shot – Tech Removal card. Helps a lot against big threats, especially against Shaman decks and Dragon Warriors.

Stampeding Kodo – Tech Card to remove effective small attack minions like Doomsayer, Carrion Grub and Darkshire Councilman. Or simply those 2/3 2-drops.

Barnes – With the decreased number of beasts, Houndmaster could end up being a dead card more often than not. Well, then let us fill the empty four drop slot with probably one of the best cards we are getting today! Barnes is here! Summoning a copy of Highmane is just insane. Infested Wolf’s copy or Grandmother’s copy would not be bad either. Even getting a vanilla 1/1 is still decent because you still get 4/5 worth of stats! And not to forget the obvious. This card could become an extra Cloaked Huntress! Again, this is just for testing purposes and if need arises, Houndmaster will find his way back, probably in place of another card.

Infested Wolf – Sticky minion. What is not to like? Helps keep board presence and set up for future turns. Also the key card for activating various beast synergies.


That is it guys, a Midrange Hunter deck brew to try out! You can always make changes according to your play-style. This is only an untested deck brew and I would really love your inputs on this list. I will be trying this one out myself when the wing comes out. Do let me know how it fares for you. You can always use the comments section or contact me on my Twitter (ManveerS_07). Cheers!