One Night in Karazhan – New Cards!

Hey guys! What’s going on? Mighty here, and you have not heard from me in more than a month now. I was mainly busy with life and my new job, but now I am back and you can expect regular content from me. Anyway, let us move on to the topic. The big night is […]


Hey guys! What’s going on? Mighty here, and you have not heard from me in more than a month now. I was mainly busy with life and my new job, but now I am back and you can expect regular content from me.

Anyway, let us move on to the topic. The big night is coming, Karazhan is coming! So I just checked that Nuba has been giving you regular updates on the cards as they are being revealed. Well, a second opinion never hurt anyone, right?

Well, today I’ll be doing the new cards that were revealed today and yesterday. I might do one more review when more cards are revealed. What you can surely expect from me though is theory-crafts! Yes, I will be posting a lot of theory-craft decks in the coming days which you can be hyped about. Any suggestions you might have regarding strategies or decks and you want me to include them, you can always send them to me.

Anyway, here are some of the newly revealed cards. I’ll mainly speak out my general thoughts on the card and where it should stand on Ladder as well as Arena in terms of usage and viability. So here goes!

Medivh, the Guardian

First and foremost, we have the poster boy of the adventure! The mage hero Medivh himself! Well, he’s a neutral Legendary minion. And a good one too. Turns out, we have a new huge body in the house. While eight mana for 7/7 seems underwhelming, the effect seemingly more than makes up for it. It also equips a 1/3 weapon which you are probably never going to use. Why? Because the next three spells you cast will summon minions of the same cost!

Play this on turn eight in a control Paladin deck and play Lay on Hands the next turn for a Tirion Fordring or either of the Ragnaros, and well, win! This card should see play in a lot of control and tempo decks. That Twisting Nether turn might not be too bad right now.

What I’m really hyped about is the Priest usage. Just hear me out. This card could make Priest viable again. This card shows amazing synergy with Entomb and even Mind Control. I can already imagine some crazy ass shenanigans. Anyway, the Priest cards haven’t been revealed yet, and I am really hoping for at least one solid spell or maybe a card that somehow enhances Medivh. The Priest lover inside me can only wish.

If cool dude Medivh really turns out be as good as I want it to be, this might just make our good old tech Harrison Jones a staple in most control decks.


Cuteness overload! Zoobot is love, Zoobot is life. So Kawaii! This little dude gives a random Dragon, Beast and a Murloc an extra 1/1. Now you might argue that this will be rarely played in standard. After all, which deck runs all these three archetypes, right? Well, the way I see it, even if you manage to get a single buff out of it, it is a pretty decent card. You already got a 4/4 for three mana which is more than the standard 3/4 stat-line which you get for three mana. Two buffs and you already got more value out of it than you paid for.

Play it in Hunter to give one of you already strong beasts a further boost in strength. Or play in one of your Dragon or Murloc decks, your call. Who knows that Murloc Hunter might even become a thing. Or Murloc Warlock just might make a comeback. Who knows, really! I am definitely going to theory-craft some decks revolving around this guy and you guys should expect a few in the coming days.

Given all that, the real strength of this card lies in arena, I think. Most of the times you will end up drafting decks with a few Murlocs and Dragons, and if you are playing a class like Hunter or Druid, you will definitely be getting a few of them beasties in your deck. I don’t really want to be on the receiving side of this card in arena, when my opponent plays it to get two or three buffs out of it. Doesn’t seem much on the first glance, but this cute little Mech could turn out to be one the best arena three drops.

Silverware Golem

Silverware Golem might seem great at first glance, but I don’t think it is. In my opinion, this won’t see much play, at least not over the xisting Warlock 3-drops. Yeah, free summoning on it being discarded is cool and all, but the three drops Zoo currently has are just too awesome. I don’t think this card has the potential to push out either Imp Gang Boss or Darkshire Councilman. Those cards are just too good and consistent. Silverware Golem will have consistency issues, and well, you don’t really want to be playing a 3/3 for three mana, especially in a Zoo deck.

A new form of discard Zoo might appear to get the maximum value out of this little guy but I’m pretty sure it will have consistency issues. The thing to note here is that discard happens randomly, so a setup might also be required to utilize this card. And even after going through all the pain to set that up, I don’t think it would be worth it. And all the more pain if you still not manage to pull it off. In arena, well, it sure is better than those 3-drops with the 3/3 stat-line. Nowhere near that classic Spider Tank though!

Protect the King

Hunter has Unleash the Hounds, Paladin has had Muster for Battle, Zoo has Forbidden Ritual and now Warriors have a card that summons tokens as well. Protect the King is here and it is the complete opposite of Unleash the Hounds. The card is as defensive as Unleash is offensive. Yes, it costs the same three mana but summons the same number of taunts as the minions on the opposite side of the board.

As you might have already guessed it, this is the final nail in the coffin for Zoo. The Warlock cards revealed have seemingly not been up to the standards and well, Warriors were always favored over the Zoo decks. This should shut them down completely.

And then there is the almost assured possibility of Taunt Warrior becoming a thing. Bolster anyone? Warriors certainly did not need this card. They are already overpowered as it is. Given the current state of the Warriors in the meta, this card will only cement their position in the best class in the game as of the present. Warriors are here to stay boys!

Netherspite Historian

This card is second version of Museum Curator that gives you a dragon instead of a Deathrattle card. While you get assured value out of Curator, this has a slightly better stat-line. While I still think Curator is better, this card is not bad either. It is actually a pretty decent card. Getting to choose a Dragon of your own choice could be so good. Seriously hoping for some new cool Dragons! I don’t think Dragon Priest will make a comeback because of this card, but who knows?

Also, I have a feeling that we might be seeing a Dragon exclusive to Priest. And if that happens, and it is actually a good Dragon, the utility of this card will increase a hundred times over. Not just Priest, any decent class specific Dragon should do the job.


So that is it for today guys. One Night in Karazhan comes nearer and nearer and one cannot be more excited! More card reviews and d theory-crafts to come soon. Stay tuned! You can always contact me with any suggestions or feedback you might have. My twitter is ManveerS_07.