Doublelift: The Carry of CLG

This article is part of a series written by the GoldPer10 crew to help introduce the players and prepare you, the reader, for the World Championship. "I'm the greatest. Everyone else is trash.

The Hai Paradox

Hai's career was filled with contradictions. He was one of the more criticised players in the west when playing, yet his retirement produced more mourning than most.

Fnatic’s prospects at MSI

The 2015 Mid-Season Invitational (MSI) will soon be upon us, and many Western fans are excitedto see their regions' top teams back in action.


A Tribute to Krepo: The Fan Favourite

Krepo was not the most talented player in the legendary CLG.EU line-up. That title belongs to Froggen. Neither was he the most attractive. Snoopeh wins that award.