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Dot Esports reporter and Overwatch analyst, hardware enthusiast, D.Va main, and cat lover

Overwatch's first Nerf gun is a replica of Reaper's Hellfire shotgun

The line of weapons is coming in 2019.
12 hours ago - Overwatch

Overwatch League commissioner Nate Nanzer named in Fortune's 40 Under 40

Facebook's Mark Zuckerberg and musician Rihanna also made the list.
a day ago - Overwatch

A new Overwatch League skin for D.Va is available—but it's pretty pricey

Fans have to buy the skin by cheering with bits on Twitch.
a day ago - Overwatch

The Overwatch Contenders finals will be held during the Overwatch World Cup group stages

Two top teams will travel to the World Cup group stages to compete.
2 days ago - Overwatch

Play Overwatch for free next weekend

It's just in time for Overwatch's new hero, Wrecking Ball.
2 days ago - Overwatch

The state of Overwatch's support heroes

Nearly all Overwatch support heroes just got tweaks on the PTR.
3 days ago - Overwatch

Blizzard is giving away in-game sprays and doubled tokens to fans that watch the OWL finals

The sprays are pretty cute, and tokens can be used to unlock skins.
3 days ago - Overwatch

Pokémon: Let's Go could be compatible with future Pokémon games

Developer knows the pain of not being able to pass down Pokémon.
3 days ago - The OP

OWL Playoffs semifinals preview: London Spitfire vs. Los Angeles Valiant

Only one team can move on to the finals.
3 days ago - Overwatch