The best Overwatch mods for other games

Once an Overwatch player, always an Overwatch player.

Image via Blizzard Entertainment

After Overwatch fans called on Blizzard Entertainment to release a mod into the game in 2019, the developer finally released the Workshop feature to allow players to create their own game modes, heroes, and more.

But not everyone’s main game is Overwatch. Variety is the key to avoid burn-out, and if you want to take the spirit of Overwatch to other games, countless mods wait for you to spice them up.

With help from the community, you can add your favorite Overwatch characters into non-Blizzard titles like Street Fighter 5, XCOM 2: War of the Chosen, The Sims 4, and GTA V. Others have created entire Overwatch worlds in games like Minecraft, which may come in handy if you’re planning to go on a trip with a lower-end laptop. Maybe you just like Overwatch’s font and want to use it in a game like No Man’s Sky—modders can fix that, too.

Here are the best Overwatch mods for other games that will make Overwatch fans feel right at home.

Mod Overwatch characters into The Sims 4

With user-created custom content, you can put Overwatch characters into The Sims 4. Searching for Overwatch on any reputable The Sims 4 modding website will yield countless options to choose from.

Want to replace the Grim Reaper with Reaper? No problem. Want your Sims family to simply be Overwatch fans? You can do that, too. Prefer to put your Sim in D.Va’s makeup and a varsity jacket or Hanzo’s iconic arm tattoo? The modding community has you covered.

Play Overwatch in Minecraft

There’s a dedicated community of Minecraft players creating the Overwatch world inside the block-based game. From creating the heroes to mimicking gameplay, the options are endless for Overwatch in Minecraft. Likewise, there are some very impressive recreations of Overwatch maps in Minecraft.

While the official servers of the mod are long gone by now, the Overwatch fans within the Minecraft community still keeps the flame alive. If you’re interested in hopping onto a server, check out the comment section where players share recent server information. 

Steal Overwatch’s font for No Man’s Sky

Image via NexusMods

This one’s a simple mod that changes No Man’s Sky’s original font to the font used in Overwatch. Overwatch’s font is pretty aesthetically pleasing, so it’s no wonder folks have downloaded this one and put it to use. This mod just looks really good in No Man’s Sky and makes Overwatch players feel right at home.

Replace your squadmates in XCOM 2

Sometimes you can fall in love with the gameplay of a game but find yourself asking for more in terms of art and visuals. If you think your beloved Overwatch characters would fit right into the setting of XCOM 2, then implementing them in the game with this mod isn’t a struggle at all.

The mod, for instance, replaces the female XCOM soldiers with Mercy and also adds her country of origin, Switzerland. A quick search in the XCOM 2’s workshop should return more Overwatch related mods, which you can use to further Overwatch-ify your game. 

Wreck havoc in Grand Theft Auto V with Overwatch characters

Anyone who’s ever downloaded a mod knows the GTA V community takes it up a notch with its mods. The content creators’ ability to add anything to the seven-year-old game is nothing but impressive.

You can walk around as Genji and shoot a gun instead of shurikens. Playing as Widowmaker may also improve your sniping skills in the long run.

Almost all Overwatch modes in GTA V look like they were straight out of the original game and the artists deserve the credit for utilizing GTA V’s engine to its full potential.

Unleash your inner dragon in League of Legends

We all lose ourselves once Genji draws his sword and shouts “Ryūjin no ken wo kurae!” Being able to stay in Genji’s ultimate mode would be the dream of many players who main him.

It’s possible, but only if you play League. This mod pack includes a Genji skin for Master Yi which features the Overwatch hero with his sword drawn. The textures don’t feel out of place at all but may cause Master Yi players to play more aggressively thinking they’re Genji. But let’s be honest, Master Yi players will use any opportunity to dive under a turret.

Fight Overwatch heroes in Street Fighter 5

Fight, fight, fight! Overwatch heroes can now duke it out in Street Fighter 5 thanks to the community’s illustrious modders. There are a lot of heroes available, including Sombra, Genji, and Reaper.

Though Overwatch heroes don’t come with their iconic abilities, the developers were thoughtful enough to find the suitable Street Fighter characters which make them feel natural.

Once you feel like you’re ready to come back to Overwatch, you can also spice up your game with the best custom game modes that Overwatch’s workshop has to offer.