Joe Tortorice
LoL and Hearthstone Writer

G2 start the EU LCS Summer Split on the front foot

The team didn't show many glaring weaknesses in their two games last week.
5 days ago - LoL

TSM brings in new jungler to split time with MikeYeung

Grig played on TSM Academy last split.
10 days ago - LoL

Fnatic have some issues to fix if they want to win the EU LCS again

They're looking to repeat their Spring Split victory, but how will they accomplish that goal?
11 days ago - LoL

Best champions to have in League of Legends ARAM

May luck be on your side in getting of these champions.
11 days ago - LoL

Taliyah is becoming a popular jungler in the post Patch 8.11 meta

The whole community is talking about the Stoneweaver.
19 days ago - LoL

The best decks in Hearthstone's Standard meta right now

After a big round of nerfs the Hearthstone meta was completely shaken up.
25 days ago - Hearthstone

Big changes coming to League's ARAM mode in Patch 8.11

Some of the changes will only be in effect during the upcoming Bilgewater event.
a month ago - LoL

Overwatch Reaper guide: Strategy, tips, and tricks

Step into the shadows and learn how to play Overwatch's grim and edgy damage dealer.
a month ago - Overwatch

Fnatic claim the final playoff spot at MSI

The Europeans will face RNG in the first round.
a month ago - LoL

RNG struggle against the Western teams on day 3 of MSI

These struggles resulted in one win and one loss.
a month ago - LoL