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Does the 'Dota 2' Workshop suffer from favoritism?

Even before it was officially launched in 2013, Valve’s popular esport Dota 2 has enjoyed a bustling community of modders and 3D artists
4 years ago - The OP

$300K at stake in 'World of Tanks' grand finals

When it comes to esports, games like League of Legends and Starcraft 2 make the most headlines
4 years ago - The OP

Teen murders his own grandmother after she interrupts his 'Dota' match

A 17-year Philippine boy has purportedly beat his grandmother to death after she began scolding him
4 years ago - The OP

'Twitch Plays League of Legends' makes us wish it were real

Twitch Plays Pokemon, the massively multiplayer social experiment which had thousands playing a Nintendo classic in unison, has inspired many spinoffs—including this Twitch Plays League of Legends parody video
4 years ago - LoL

11-year-old reportedly murdered after 'Dota' hack

Competitive multiplayer games such as Starcraft II and League of Legends are infamous for catalyzing rage and are sometimes even blamed for real-world disturbances
4 years ago - The OP

Swedish political party blames video games for faltering student performance

The spokesperson for Moderaterna, one of Sweden’s biggest political parties, says the country’s educational issues can be blamed largely on one thing: video games
4 years ago - The OP

Remix culture has found 'Twitch Plays Pokemon'

"Twitch Plays Pokemon" is a gargantuan coterie of people desperately working together to finish one of Nintendo's most beloved role-playing games—all through the magic of custom-designed software which permits anyone at all to key in commands
4 years ago - The OP

'Titanfall' might have an esports future

If you’re a fan of big, pilotable robots and first-person shooters but don’t know about upcoming sci-fi first-person shooter Titanfall, you’re missing out
4 years ago - The OP

Blizzard's new $15,000 competition puts fan-made games in the spotlight

Last week, developer Blizzard made all the custom games and maps based on its StarCraft series free to download
4 years ago - The OP