Who is Vantage in Apex Legends?

All leaked information for the newest character coming to Apex.

Image via Respawn Entertainment

Season 13 of Apex Legends isn’t over yet, but with a new season just around the corner, fans are already curious about who the next character will be in the popular battle royale. New characters in Apex tend to have some sort of connection to legends that are already in the game, and the quests and storylines from over the years have introduced plenty of candidates for the next fighter players can use in the Outlands.

Fortunately for those fans who want to know everything they can about the next character coming to the game, leakers and data miners have already been hard at work. Quite a bit of information has already come out about the supposed next legend, including her name: Vantage. 

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While everything we know about Vantage is based on leaked information—and therefore is subject to change before Vantage is actually released to the game—the amount of information and assets found for the character make her the best bet to be the legend introduced with season 14.

With that in mind, here’s everything we know about Vantage in Apex Legends.

Who is Vantage in Apex Legends? All leaked abilities, design, and lore

All Vantage abilities

Vantage is a hunter character, who is defined by the sniper-esque rifle she always carries with her and the bird companion at her side. She was originally part of the massive leak of future characters made several months ago by a now-deleted Reddit account, and notably, she was the only character in the leak outside of Newcastle that came with a full character model, and not just a dummy model.

Passive: Sniper Kit

According to the leaked gameplay, Vantage can gather information for her team by aiming down sights with a “long range scope” or unarmed, and targeting an enemy. Targeting an enemy in this way will reveal the legend the target is using, the rarity of body shield they have equipped, the size of their squad, and the distance to the target.

In addition to this passive, Vantage can also scan survey beacons as part of the Recon class.

Tactical: Echo Launch

The leaks suggest Vantage will have some sort of “winged companion,” whether that companion is an actual creature or some sort of mechanical creation, and the companion is named Echo. Echo can be ordered around the map within a certain radius of Vantage, and Vantage can launch herself to Echo by holding the tactical button down.

Ultimate: Mark to Kill

Vantage has a customized sniper rifle which she can use to shoot enemies. Enemies hit with this rifle are considered “marked.” Marked enemies are scanned for Vantage and her squad, and the team gets a 15-percent damage boost on marked enemies. Damage from Vantage’s rifle also doubles on successive shots that she hits. The rifle itself seems to do 20 damage to opponents.

All of Vantage’s abilities and their properties are subject to change, and most likely will not show up in the game exactly as they appear in the leaks. But the leaks provide a clearer picture of the type of character the developers want Vantage to be. Her ability to scan enemies isn’t limited by range, but is directly tied to a player’s skill with her sniper, making her a unique legend in the recon class.

All Vantage lore in Apex

Currently, not much is known about Vantage and how she ties into the Apex universe. She will most likely come with some connection to another character, as only one legend has entered the game with no outside connection to another legend or the Titanfall universe in the past year.

One intriguing theory was put forward by content creator and insider ThordanSmash, who noted that Vantage’s character model features coats and clothing best suited for cold weather, while also coordinating in color to the Young Blood Bloodhound skin, a special legendary based on Bloodhound’s lore.

Bloodhound’s Story from the Outlands, “The Old Ways,” revealed some of Bloodhound’s upbringing on Talos, and how their clan survived in the harsh, cold climate of World’s Edge after the artificial freeze accident that claimed the lives of Bloodhound’s parents. 

This is all speculation, but the small clues in Vantage’s character design could reveal a connection to Bloodhound and their home planet. No other legends have come to Apex dressed for cold weather climates, and no other legend has yet entered the games hailing from Talos apart from Bloodhound. If Vantage does have a connection with any of the legends already in the Apex Games, the Technological Tracker seems like the best bet.