Who are the highest earning Apex Legends players?

Who is making the most money off of all these tournaments?

Photo by Blake Borchers via DarkZero on Twitter

Now that the dust has settled on the second year of the Apex Legends Global Series, it’s time to take stock of some player earnings. Many players made some serious cash and the big prizes in the last two LAN tournaments shook things up on the all-time earnings list for the game.

The earnings in pro Apex have been dominated by TSM players for the last several years—and it’s easy to see why. The trio of ImperialHal, Reps, and Albralelie won back-to-back LAN events at the beginning of the game’s life and then proceeded to win the first three online tournaments in a row after the ALGS was forced to postpone and ultimately cancel its LAN events in 2020 and 2021. 

Hal and Reps have continued playing for TSM and placing well in tournaments, while Albralelie has competed with Team Liquid and Cloud9 over the ensuing years, but North Americans were clearly at the top of the food chain when it came to money won in Apex tournaments.

Now? The picture looks a little different.

The highest earning pro players in Apex Legends

Right now, the list of highest earners from tournament winnings in Apex is as follows, according to Liquipedia:

  1. Zer0 (DarkZero) – $313,546
  2. Sharky (DarkZero) – $288,927
  3. ImperialHal (TSM) – $277,616
  4. Reps (TSM) – $240,071
  5. Genburten (DarkZero) – $218,284
  6. sweetdreams (NRG) – $184,409
  7. Onmuu (100 Thieves) – $173,342
  8. Scuwry (100 Thieves) – $172,307
  9. Albralelie (Cloud9) – $149,210
  10. Parkha (esports team aD) – $140,396

The most obvious changes to the list of top earners are the entrance of the boys from DarkZero, who won the Split Two Playoffs in Stockholm and followed that up by winning a $500,000 prize for first place at the 2022 ALGS Championship in Raleigh, North Carolina. Their dominance in the APAC South region combined with LAN victories launched them to the top of the list.

North America still enjoys heavy representation on the list, with Hal and Reps maintaining the No. 3 and 4 spots. Consistently good performances on both Rogue and NRG secures the sixth spot for Sweet, while Onmuu and Scuwry of 100 Thieves’ big showings at both the 2021 ALGS Championship and the 2022 Championship in Raleigh also see them into the top 10. Albralelie remains in the top 10, while the list is rounded out by the lone APAC North representative, Korean player Parkha.

The other notable thing about this list is just how few teams are represented, with only two players appearing on the list without any other players they’ve been on a pro team with before. As year three of the ALGS moves forward in the coming months and more prizes are given out, this list will probably diversify a bit more.