When does the Apex Legends Lost Treasures Collection Event begin?

Adventure calls.

Screengrab via Respawn Entertainment

Season five of Apex Legends is going strong, and now players have more content to look forward to.

The Lost Treasures Collection Event promises tons of things to do and cosmetics to buy. Players can look forward to new skins, a game mode, a Mirage heirloom, and a Crypto Town Takeover. And it’s only a few days away.

When does the Lost Treasures event start?

The new event kicks off next Tuesday, June 23, and ends July 7. While an exact time hasn’t been revealed, it’ll likely follow a similar timeline to previous events and patches—12pm CT.

What can we expect from the Lost Treasures event?

Image via Respawn Entertainment

Lost Treasures is chock-full of new content. Armed and Dangerous makes its return, but with a twist. While players can expect shotguns and snipers only, you’ll also immediately drop with Evo Armor in Armed and Dangerous Evolved. So the only way to claim a better shield will be by shooting. Respawn Beacons will also be replaced by Mobile Respawn Beacons, allowing you to summon your allies back on the fly.

There will also be a new event prize track, Legend and weapon skins, and new gun charms. And everybody’s favorite Holographic Trickster finally gets an heirloom—a statue of himself. By unlocking all 24 Lost Treasures Collection Pack it