When does Apex Legends Season 8 begin?

Prepare for Mayhem.

Image via Respawn Entetainment

EA today released a trailer for its upcoming Apex Legends season promising a new character as well as some “Mayhem.”

After a four-minute short story detailing the relationship between Fuse, the Season Eight’s new character, and his lifelong friend, the video gives viewers a two-week heads up on the season to come.

That’s right. Apex Legends Season Eight: Mayhem will be live on Feb. 2.

Along with Fuse, the season will introduce a new weapon to the game, as well as an “obliterated Kings Canyon.”

Season Eight represents the first new Apex season of 2021. In 2020, EA released a total of four seasons, each of which came with a new character and a map. This season will be just the fourth to introduce a new weapon to the fray.

There is no timeline for when Season Eight will end, but if EA keeps things similar to the way they released content in 2020, we should expect to see the upcoming season last until some time in May.