What time does Apex Legends’ Voidwalker event start?

The event will be live later today.

Image via Respawn Entertainment

A new Apex Legends event is about to start across the globe.

The Voidwalker event debuts today, Sept. 3, at 12pm CT. Respawn Entertainment revealed it as a special two-week event last week, soon after the Iron Crown Collection event ended. Unlike Iron Crown, Voidwalker will be more about playing the game and going through map changes and new modes rather than buying every cosmetic from a collection. Players will have until Sept. 17 to enjoy this event.

Voidwalker is themed after Wraith, and she’s getting an event-exclusive Legendary skin to celebrate that. Some challenges and new areas players will be able to explore are supposed to give players further details about her past, like the laboratory in King’s Canyon.

Respawn also released an animated short story yesterday that’s an eight-minute dive through Wraith’s past, including the moment when she escapes the research facility she was trapped in.

For the duration of the event, Apex players will also have a new limited-time mode available called Armed and Dangerous. Weapons and ammo are harder to find, and players will only have shotguns and sniper rifles available, which means mid-range combats will be harder to fight. Such a limitation will reduce the number of guns available to four snipers and four shotguns only, and it’s unclear if other support items like shields and healing items will also be scarce.

It’s unclear if the event will also bring a game update with gameplay changes, such as adjustments to Legends, guns, or support items. If there’s any, players should expect the patch notes to drop around 12pm CT as well, as soon as the Voidwalker event goes live.