New Apex short story lifts the veil behind Wraith’s mysterious voices

Get ready for the Voidwalker event.

Image via Respawn Entertainment

With just one day until the Wraith-themed Voidwalker event kicks off, Respawn Entertainment released the second short story in its “Stories from the Outlands” series. And this time, Apex Legends fans are getting a closer look into the Interdimensional Skirmisher’s background.

Titled “Voidwalker,” Wraith’s short story follows the legend as she breaches a research facility in search of a lead scientist named Amer Singh. She’s quickly discovered, however, and after being trapped in the room that’s been set ablaze, she escapes using her Dimensional Rift.

Once in the void, Wraith is joined by copies of herself as they attempt to find an escape route. But on her way out, Wraith sees a woman in a straitjacket being forcefully dragged by one of the research lab’s scientists. The Interdimensional Skirmisher offers her advice and verbally attempts to rouse the woman to fight, giving Apex fans an insight into who the voices in Wraith’s head really are.

Wraith leaps out of the void and knocks out the woman’s oppressor just in time. After a quick exchange, viewers learn this woman is a version of Wraith before she escaped the lab. Wraith arms the defenseless version of herself with a knife, Wraith’s Heirloom weapon, and the two set off through the lab.

They come across Singh, who’s alive in this dimension, and Wraith rushes forward. Guards intercept her attack, shooting her in the shoulder. But just when it seems like the guards get the upper hand, the recently-escaped version of Wraith throws her dagger, killing one of the gunmen.

Wraith later hands the escaped version of herself her portal-calling armband so she can escape the dimension and find out who she is. But Wraith chooses to stay, opting for revenge on Singh instead of an exit from the lab. The younger Wraith escapes the lab, exiting the facility and stepping onto Kings Canyon soil, where banners depicting the Apex Games hang on mountain cliffs.

Apex’s Voidwalker event goes live tomorrow. The two-week event will introduce a new set of legendary event-exclusive skins, including the Wraith skin featured in today’s lore video. Additionally, the Voidwalker event will allow players to explore the research facility lab in Kings Canyon and will add a new limited-time game mode named Armed and Dangerous.