Respawn reveals 2-week Voidwalker Apex event

The event begins Sept. 3.

Image via Respawn Entertainment

Just days after the Iron Crown Collection event ended, Respawn Entertainment has introduced Apex’s next two-week event named Voidwalker that allows fans to get a better look at Wraith’s mysterious past.

The event kicks off on Sept. 3 and will introduce a new limited-time game mode named Armed and Dangerous, in which general loot is scarce and weapons are limited to snipers and shotguns. Additionally, fans will be able to explore a new area of the map, a decayed research facility named Project: Wraith. The area will feature a “prototype portal” that players can use to reinitiate a skydive.

Apex fans will again get a chance to earn event-exclusive loot during the two-week period. Unlike the Iron Crown Collection, however, seven of the cosmetic items, including the Voidwalker Wraith skin, will be featured in the game’s direct purchase store for 1,800 Apex coins. Four of the items will be featured for a week before being rotated out of the store for another batch—except for Wraith’s legendary skin, which will remain in the store for the duration of the event.

An additional six new legendary items will be added to the “core loot pool,” according to the event’s detail page. These items are available in loot packs and can be crafted with crafting materials, although each of the items will receive a first look offer in Apex’s direct purchase store.

To celebrate the event, Respawn is hosting a double XP weekend from 12pm CT on Sept. 6 to 12pm CT on Sept. 9. The experience boost will apply to both account levels and battle pass progression and will be awarded for top-five placings or wins.