Everything we know about Apex’s new Armed and Dangerous game mode

Fans can try out the game mode when the Voidwalker event goes live Sept. 3.

Image via Respawn Entertainment

Apex Legends fans have yet another two-week event to look forward to just one week after the battle royale’s Iron Crown Collection ended. Like its predecessor, the upcoming Voidwalker event will feature a new limited-time game mode for fans to try out, but this one will look a little different compared to previous events.

Named Armed and Dangerous, the new Apex game mode reduces the amount of general loot found scattered across the map and limits the list of available weapons to shotguns and snipers only. The battle royale’s list of snipers includes the Triple Take, G7 Scout, Longbow, and Kraber, while its arsenal of shotguns includes the Peacekeeper, EVA-8 Auto, Mozambique, and Mastiff.  

Overall loot will be “much harder to come by,” according to the Voidwalker event page. It’s unclear exactly how sparse items will be, or whether care packages will continue to drop and what items they will hold. The Kraber and Mastiff are two of Apex’s legendary weapons that can be obtained only from care packages, so fans may see the two golden weapons scattered across the map like other guns should care packages be removed.

Respawn Entertainment has yet to reveal whether the mode will feature squads or solos. It’s likely that the game mode will continue to match players in teams of three like the base game, although a solo version could make an appearance now that the Apex developer has concluded its relatively successful testing period for the single-player queue during the Iron Crown Collection.

The Armed and Dangerous game mode will go live with the Voidwalker event on Sept. 3 and will remain on live servers until the event wraps up on Sept. 17.