Titanfall’s controversial Smart Pistol may make its way to Apex Legends

Uh oh.

Image via Respawn Entertainment

A new weapon may be coming to the Outlands.

Well-known data miner That1MiningGuy found files for the Smart Pistol MK6 in Apex’s files, a semi-automatic gun that can lock onto enemy targets. The pistol was initially released in the Titanfall series and would likely take on a similar form if it were to enter the battle royale.


The SP MK6 is only available as a Boost in Titanfall 2, a one-use powerup activated when a player reaches 60 percent on their Titan meter. It comes with two magazines of 12 rounds and its lock-on speed is determined by how far away the target is.

If it were to enter Respawn’s battle royale, it could potentially be a Supply Drop weapon. Since a lock-on mechanic could be overpowered, limiting its prevalence as a rare gun would help. This would also constrain the amount of ammo it comes with, like the Mastiff shotgun.

The Apex community isn’t exactly thrilled with That1MiningGuy’s discovery, though.

The weapon’s inclusion in Titanfall 2 caused some division within the community. Some players even believe it ruined the game, while others feel the lock-on time is long enough to offer counterplay.

Like any data-mined information, however, this should be taken with a grain of salt. Respawn hasn’t confirmed the Smart Pistol entering Apex and things are always liable to change.

Update Feb. 26 8:52am CT: Respawn has revealed that the Smart Pistol will not come to Apex, according to design director Jason McCord. That1MiningGuy’s tweets, along with his Twitter account, have since been deleted.