Someone wants to buy Rampart’s machine gun in Apex teaser

“Business I'm in, nice to have something like that riding in the back of my truck.”

Screengrab via Respawn Entertainment

Rampart has manufactured some of Apex Legends’ guns, but a new customer is after something more unique: her personal machine gun. A man named Grimes asked to buy Rampart’s sidekick in the latest Apex teaser.

“Hey, you were the one I saw in the gauntlet, yeah? With the turret?” Grimes asks. “Boy, I could sure one of those. Business I’m in, nice to have something like that riding in the back of my truck. How much for it?”

Grimes is intent on getting his hands on Sheila—and fast. “Look, I’ve got a fat stack of cash over here,” he says. “It’s yours. I could have it in an hour.” He also said that he would “throw in a case of [his] best work,” free of charge. His merchandise, however, doesn’t sound exactly legal.

Grimes mentions that he met Rampart in the gauntlet—likely some sort of clandestine competition. The legend “made her name in underground fight clubs,” according to EA’s website, and the gauntlet could be a match or circuit, possibly even an unofficial qualifier to the Apex Games.

Grimes is also a new addition to the Apex universe, but he could appear in Rampart’s episode of Stories from the Outlands, scheduled to release tomorrow. The animated short is part of a series of cinematics that delve deeper into the characters’ origin stories.

Rampart’s animated short is titled Endorsement and could shed some light on her relationship with the missing Apex Games commissioner, Kuben Blisk. Rampart sprayed his likeness over several spots in World’s Edge, sometimes with a golden crown, and sometimes with a sentence: “won’t let ya down.” The next episode of Stories from the Outlands goes live tomorrow at 12pm CT.