Respawn deploys Apex patch to ‘meaningfully address’ teleporting, packet loss, and lag

And a fix for animated banner poses causing crashes is slated for later this week.

Screengrab via Respawn Entertainment

It’s been a rough week for Respawn Entertainment.

Apex Legends‘ Evolution collection event introduced a slew of connectivity issues, forcing Respawn to extend the first ranked split of the season. A patch shipped today that should “meaningfully address” teleporting, packet loss, and lag, according to the Respawn Twitter account. But it may be a couple of more days before all the server issues are ironed out.

Players reported being teleported to other locations on the map due to server issues. One fan posted a video of their experience last week, showing how they lagged out of a match and, upon reconnecting, were teleported from Docks to Hammond Labs. Numerous other players have reported high ping and packet loss when hopping into the battle royale as well. But today’s update should address these issues.

Respawn also advised that players to unequip animated banner poses because they may cause crashes. A player tweeted about this possibility on Sept. 18, explaining that their game stopped crashing immediately after unequipping an animated pose. It appears that your game can still crash if a player on your team has an animated pose equipped, however.

While today’s patch doesn’t include a solution for the animated banner pose error, a fix for this is slated to roll out on Wednesday, Sept. 22.

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