Respawn investigating Apex server issues following Evolution’s launch with Patch 10.1

Uh oh.

Image via Respawn Entertainment

Apex LegendsEvolution collection event is now live—well, sort of.

Numerous Apex players are reporting issues hopping into the battle royale following today’s Patch 10.1, with an “unable to connect to EA Servers” error cropping up in the loading screen. Respawn is “currently investigating” the issue.

Apex players opening up the game will find difficulties loading into the lobby screen. Even though the message might ask you to “check your internet connection and try again,” the issue appears to be on EA’s side. While it’s unclear what caused the problem, the servers are likely receiving high traffic because players want to access the new content.

Though it might be a while before the servers are back up and running, the Evolution event promises loads of new cosmetics and balance updates. Rampart’s Town Takeover is hitting World’s Edge, with a modder shop named “Big Maude” touching down between Lava City and Geyser. The legend is also getting her own heirloom in the form of a wrench, dispensing bubblegum for fighters on the go. And players can earn limited-time cosmetics for Wraith, Octane, Pathfinder, Fuse, Bangalore, Rampart, and Lifeline.

As for balance changes, Rampart is receiving a major overhaul to her ultimate ability that allows her to carry Sheila into the fray. Octane and the L-Star have also found too much success in the Outlands and are being nerfed. And the removal of the contentious tap-strafing mechanic has been delayed to a “later patch.”

Update Sept. 14 3:35pm CT: Apex‘s Evolution collection event is live and servers should now be working properly, according to the Apex Twitter.

Update Sept. 14 5:39pm CT: Respawn announced via Twitter it is again “investigating connectivity issues,” and that it will update players when there is more information available.

Update Sept. 15 12:20pm CT: Respawn tweeted today that there are still connectivity issues. The team will “keep working” until things are back to normal.