Rare animation lets Mirage hit enemies with a pork chop in Apex Legends

The famous Witt family recipe.

Image via Respawn Entertainment

Mirage’s heirloom in Apex Legends is a statue of himself, but a rare occurrence gives him an extra weapon. When attacking an enemy with Mirage’s heirloom equipped, players can land a blow with a pork chop—if they’re lucky.

The pork chop appears as part of a random, rare animation. When attacking with the heirloom weapon equipped, there’s a chance that Mirage will whip out a pork chop from his off-hand and strike an enemy with it.

Before Respawn officially unveiled Mirage’s heirloom, parts of the community designed fan-made sets that contained pork chops. Although Respawn opted for a trophy, the Witt family recipe still makes a surprising appearance.

Pork chops are one of Mirage’s signatures, with several of his voice lines referencing the Witt family recipe. One of the season three loading screens actually gave players an official recipe for the dish, courtesy of Respawn principal writer Manny Hagopian.

The loading screen says that pork chops are an old Witt family recipe passed down from Mirage’s great grandfather, Gryz Witt (named after a character in Respawn’s Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order). Mirage says that the dish is his mother’s “favorite meal,” which may further explain Mirage’s love for the food.

Mirage’s brothers disappeared when fighting in the Frontier War, which made him the only living son. His mother, the famed engineer Evelyn Witt, developed a degenerative disease (likely dementia) and was in need of expensive hospital care. He joined the Apex Games for money and glory—and to help with his mother’s medical expenses.

A heartbreaking Easter egg shows that Evelyn may have trouble remembering Mirage, likely due to her disease. Pork chops are still her favorite dish, however, and play a significant part in Mirage’s lore.

Players can get Mirage’s heirloom by buying all 24 of the Lost Treasures event cosmetics or by pure chance. Players are guaranteed one heirloom set every 500 Apex packs, but the chances to get one are slim.