Respawn confirms Star Wars-themed Easter egg in Apex Legends

A surprise, to be sure, but a welcome one.

Image via Respawn Entertainment

The Apex Legends community is fierce when it comes to hunting Easter eggs—and it’s discovered another one. Players have found a small reference linking Apex and Respawn’s recently-released Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order.

In one of Mirage’s loading screens, players can get a glimpse of Mirage’s secret family recipe for pork chops. The legend says that the recipe was passed down from the trickster’s great grandfather, Gryz Witt. He was named after Greez Dritus, the Stinger Mantis pilot in Jedi Fallen Order.

Respawn senior writer Manny Hagopian confirmed the discovery in a tweet yesterday.

Hagopian worked on both Apex and Fallen Order, as well as the Titanfall franchise. He said that the Easter egg was introduced to the game before Jedi Fallen Order was released, which may explain why it took some time to find the reference.

Mirage’s great grandfather is just one in a series of Easter eggs in Apex. The community has been so dedicated to the hunt that they’ve made a website specifically to track their findings on the new map, World’s Edge.

The bond between Apex and Jedi Fallen Order was made stronger when Respawn offered a Star Wars-themed skin for everyone’s favorite battle bot, Pathfinder. The BP-1 skin can be obtained by logging into the game between Dec. 3 and Jan. 14. It shares a color palette with BD-1, Jedi Fallen Order’s adorable robotic companion.