Newton’s third message to Horizon mentions the Phase Runner in Olympus

Horizon is hellbent on keeping her promise.

Image via Respawn Entertainment

Horizon’s son left her another message—this time, with some directions. Newton’s latest voice recording found today specifically mentions the Phase Runner in Olympus, which might be the key to reuniting the two.

“You can do it, mom. I know it, it's true. The Phase Runner—[static],” Newton says before the video cuts off.

“The Phase Runner. Dinnae worry, I hear you loud and clear, son,” Horizon responds. “I'm keeping my promise.”

This video is the third message from Newton to Horizon. When combined, they hint that the two have already met. In the first video, Newton says the two were together, despite Horizon being stranded in space at the time. He doubles down on that idea in the second message: “Everyone said it was a dream, but I know it's real. You came back like you said.”

The three messages seem to hint that a reunion between Horizon and Newton is possible with the help of Olympus' Phase Runner. The device is a gargantuan portal that connects two ends of Olympus with the middle of the arena, but the Phase Tech could possibly have more uses.

Like in the previous video logs, the latest message also displays a code that lines up with one of Ash's lines from the season five quest. In the finale, Ash reads out several strings of seemingly nonsensical numbers—although they line up perfectly with the message code in each of Newton's videos.

Horizon embarked on a selfless mission to space to obtain a rare mineral resource and solve the energy crisis in the Outlands, but her assistant betrayed her and left her stranded in space for close to a year—the equivalent of 87 years on her home planet. She joined the Apex Games to get funding to research time travel and reunite with her son. And based on the latest teasers, she could be close to accomplishing her goal.