New Apex patch fixes bug resulting in infrequent care package drops

Supply drops have returned.

Apex Legends Weapon Combo List
Image via Respawn Entertainment

Respawn Entertainment pushed a patch to Apex Legends live servers earlier today to address a bug that caused care packages to drop more infrequently than intended.

After the two-week Voidwalker event launched last week, many fans of the battle royale began noticing their games were lacking care package drops. Normally, care packages will spawn periodically around the map as the rings close in, but the only drops that were appearing in Kings Canyon were those that had been summoned by Lifeline’s ultimate ability.

Many of the Voidwalker event missions required players to loot a number of supply drops and the only way players could do so was through Lifeline’s ultimate. This made it increasingly difficult to earn event-exclusive rewards if players didn’t have the combat medic on their team.

Now that the bug has been fixed, the Apex developer still has yet to reveal a single cause for the bug. But given its timing, many players are pointing to the release of the Armed and Dangerous game mode, which launched with the Voidwalker event. The limited-time game mode greatly reduces loot, which many fans were attributing as the cause of the reduction of supply drops in other game modes.

The accidental removal of care packages from the game isn’t the only bug that popped up during the Voidwalker event. A recent bug with the double XP weekend that was supposed to go live over the weekend caused players to disconnect from the servers. In response, Respawn disabled the experience boost and pushed the double XP weekend back to Sept. 13.

The Voidwalker event wraps up on Sept. 17, giving fans one week to complete any missions and unlock all of the loot they can before the items are vaulted.