Here are the best legends for Apex’s Armed and Dangerous mode

Hone your skills with these three picks.

Image via Respawn Entertainment

Apex Legends‘ new Armed and Dangerous game mode is only available for a limited time, but it has become a quick hit across the battle royale’s player base. Respawn Entertainment is offering exclusive rewards for those who play and win matches of the game mode, so many fans of the game are looking for ways to hone their skills.

Released with the Voidwalker event, Armed and Dangerous reduces the amount of loot available in a match and limits the weapon pool to snipers and shotguns.

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There are a few legends that excel in this game mode compared to others, based on their advantages are either long or short ranges. Because only snipers and shotguns are available in a match, this means there are no mid-range weapons for players to pick up, so players must plan accordingly.

Here are three of the best legends to select for the Armed and Dangerous game mode.

3) Pathfinder

Image via Respawn Entertainment

If you happen to find yourself in a shotgun face-off, sometimes it’s best to get as far away as quickly as you can. Shotguns, of course, deal massive damage at close range, so legends who have access to mobility (like Pathfinder’s grapple) can make a quick escape if caught in a tough situation. The robot’s mobility serves another purpose, however. He can reach Apex’s highest vantage points, making him perfect for those taking advantage of the best sniping areas.

2) Lifeline

Image via Respawn Entertainment

There’s several reasons why someone might pick Apex’s combat medic in a normal match, but Lifeline’s strength in Armed and Dangerous lies in her ability to summon care packages full of loot. Her care packages are limited; the ultimate has a long cooldown and only drops three items. But in a game mode where basic loot is hard to come by, Lifeline’s ultimate can play a massive role in a player’s success—if you get lucky, that is.

1) Caustic

Image via Respawn Entertainment

Caustic excels in close-range combat, which is perfect for a mode that heavily revolves around shotguns. Because the game mode launched with the release of Apex’s Voidwalker event, many fans have hastily dropped at the Singh Labs to test out the new map area for themselves. For those looking to follow suit, Caustic is a perfect pick as his traps can take care of massive numbers of enemies in the close confines of the lab.