Supply drops mysteriously vanish from Kings Canyon after Apex’s Voidwalker patch

Fans can’t complete certain challenges without supply drops.

Image via Respawn Entertainment

The Apex Legends community is complaining after the latest update seemingly removed supply drops from the game, preventing players from completing challenges.

The Apex community may have to enlist the help of canine detective Scooby-Doo. Fans are up in arms after the removal of supply drops, with post after post on Reddit wondering when the mysterious disappearance occurred and asking why players weren’t informed.

Screengrab via Reddit

Supply drops are pivotal to the battle royale because they offer players supreme loot, like a Mastiff shotgun or a Kraber sniper. After the Voidwalker patch, it seems like they were removed from the game without any warning or patch notification.

There are also specific daily and weekly challenges that require the use of supply drops in-game, such as “get 100 damage with a care package weapon” or “loot two care packages in a single game.” Players who receive these challenges are unable to complete them right now, which wastes a daily challenge and can set back their Battle Pass experience grind.

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Some fans attribute the removal of supply drops to the new limited-time mode, Armed and Dangerous, which only spawns snipers and shotguns.

“I assume has to do with something regarding the fact that you can get crate guns like kraber and mastiff in the shotty sniper mode from regular boxes,” a fan said.

While this may be the case, fans are upset at the lack of communication from Respawn’s developers and are frustrated with the challenges that they can’t complete.

While the Voidwalker event was wildly popular, fans are hoping that this issue will be rectified in the next patch.