Mad Maggie’s abilities revealed

The freedom fighter from Salvo has a highly aggressive kit.

Image via Respawn Entertainment

Mad Maggie was officially introduced as the new legend in today’s gameplay trailer detailing the next season of Apex Legends, called Defiance.

The 55-year-old war criminal from Salvo and former BFF of Fuse was sentenced to death in the Apex Games—and she’s come well-prepared to fight. Maggie’s abilities are as follows:

Passive: Warlord’s Ire

Mad Maggie has two passive abilities that don’t require the player to trigger anything. One is that when she damages enemies, they’re “temporarily highlighted.” This could be a gameplay effect similar to Seer’s ultimate ability or Bloodhound’s scan. So far, it’s unclear how long the highlighting lasts. The other is that when Maggie is wielding a shotgun, she gains a bonus to her movement speed, making that weapon class a clear choice for Maggie mains.

Tactical: Riot Drill

This tactical ability is used to “fire a drill that burns enemies through obstacles.” It’s shown in the gameplay trailer for Defiance, where Maggie pulls out a pistol that fires the ability. In the trailer, the drill then melts through an enemy Rampart’s walls and burns the players hiding behind them, with a visual effect similar to a Thermite Grenade.

Ultimate: Wrecking Ball

Maggie’s ultimate is not, as many players hoped, a kind of Beyblade. Instead, it’s a bouncing bomb Maggie can send careening toward her enemies, where it will automatically detonate. It also “releases speed-boosting pads” in its wake that players can use to chase the bomb’s path, making it a perfect ability to use when players are making a direct assault on an enemy team.

These abilities all combine to make a legend that should be great for all-out assaults on teams in entrenched defensive positions. Enemies that hide behind cover to heal up will be revealed by Maggie’s passive, while her movement speed buff with shotguns will ensure that Maggie can push teams before they can fully reset. Her tactical looks oppressive since it can damage players behind cover and her ultimate will either cripple teams that are bunkered down or force them to scatter. Either way, Maggie looks poised to join the likes of Revenant and Octane in the ranks of the most aggressive legends.

Apex season 12 is set to begin on Feb. 8.