Kings Canyon is now live with Apex Legends’ Deja Loot mode


Screengrab via Respawn Entertainment

The most popular map in Apex Legends has returned once again.

Players can now hop into Kings Canyon to test out the limited-time Deja Loot mode, which debuted with the System Override event. The change from World’s Edge to Kings Canyon will force players to learn a whole new set of armor and weapon spots.

Deja Loot removes as much RNG as possible by keeping the same loot, gear, and armor locations each match. The dropship also takes the same flight path, allowing players to jump to their favorite spots each game and pick up that coveted weapon.

Lucky players will also have their most-adored Kings Canyon jump spots coincide with their favorite locations.

The Evo Shield also makes its debut on the original map. The new armor limited to the Deja Loot mode becomes stronger as you deal more damage. Respawn devs hope the shield will promote sniping and “poking at a distance,” since players are rewarded for dealing damage. This should also cause more interesting interactions from across the map since players tend to play it safe and not risk being third-partied.

The System Override event, along with Deja Loot mode, ends March 17.