Image on Xbox shows Apex Legends will feature a crossover event with Mass Effect

The image shows a Mass Effect-themed weapon charm.

Image via Respawn Entertainment

A GameSpot reader has shared an image of Apex Legends online earlier today, which hinted at a crossover event with Mass Effect coming soon to the battle royale.

The image shows the “N7” weapon charm, which is listed as a Game Pass perk on Xbox Series X’s dashboard. Since it’s listed in this category, it likely won’t be a reward for completing some mission or an available purchase in the shop, but a gift for EA Play subscribers.

Screengrab via GameSpot

This image isn’t the first hint at a crossover between both games. In November 2020, several weapon charms with Mass Effect and Plants vs. Zombies themes were leaked online by dataminers, although the N27 wasn’t one of them. According to the leaker, they were to be rewards for purchasing a subscription to EA Play.

EA Games is the publisher of both Apex and the Mass Effect franchise, so a crossover and rewards linked to EA Play subscription would make sense.

The crossover rewards might enter Apex around the release date of Mass Effect: Legendary Edition set for May 14, which will remaster the three core games of the franchise.

It’s not space, but there’s still a lot of cosmetics for Apex players right now. The Chaos Theory Collection event launched a few days ago and will run until March 23. It features new exclusive epic and legendary cosmetics, a new Heirloom for Bangalore, and new Caustic-themed zones in Kings’ Canyon.

The ranked split is also approaching its end, also set to end March 23. Lastly, portable gamers can pick up the Apex port on the Nintendo Switch, which launched on March 9.