Horizon, a “lush” Olympus map, and a new Trident vehicle will debut in Apex Legends season 7: Ascension

Next season's shaping up to be an exciting one.

Screengrab via Respawn Entertainment

A new map, a hero who sacrificed it all to solve an energy crisis, and a vehicle to traverse the Outlands—Apex Legends’ Ascension is the “biggest season yet,” according to design director Jason McCord.

If the various teasers weren’t enough, Respawn finally confirmed new legend Horizon in today’s Stories from the Outlands video. And the long-awaited Olympus map will finally make its debut, along with the Trident vehicle, according to Apex‘s season seven: Ascension page.

It’s not exactly a surprise that Horizon, or Dr. Mary Somers, is the next legend. The Apex Twitter has been detecting transmissions from the legend and passing them along to fans. And a mysterious voice message appeared in the Firing Range, asking players to complete several challenges to unlock gravity lifts across both maps. These lifts will likely be incorporated into her ability kit, according to data miners.

But Apex fans were disappointed when Olympus didn’t make the season six cut. This was especially confusing since Ash said “welcome to Olympus” at the end of season five’s Broken Ghost quest. The extra time likely let Respawn further develop the map, which is described as a “beautiful, lush city in the clouds.”

Image via Respawn Entertainment

And since Olympus is set to be such a big map, Respawn will introduce the Trident vehicle to help you trek it. The vehicle will have “plenty of room for the whole squad,” likely seating up to three players.

Season seven: Ascension will kick off on Nov. 4.