Apex Legends’ season 6 may focus on Olympus

Players may see more of the planet, even if it isn't a new map.

Screengrab via Respawn Entertainment

The ending of Apex Legends’ season quest gave fans a solid lead on the battle royale’s plans for its next season: Olympus.

The hunt for the mysterious artifact put the legends on a path to the planet of Psamathe, one that kicked off with the season five launch trailer—and it could mean anything, from a shift in the narrative to a full-fledged new map.

The Broken Ghost ends with a cryptic but unmistakable invitation: “the path ends here. Welcome to Olympus,” a location that started being featured more heavily in the Apex lore after the introduction of Revenant and Loba’s storylines.

Olympus has plenty of significance for the Apex lore. Revenant’s source code was teleported to the planet of Psamathe, where Olympus is. It’s also the city where Revenant murdered Loba’s parents and the hometown of both Octane and Lifeline.

Data miner Shrugtal reconstructed the UFO-like structure seen in the latest Apex dev stream, which, according to him, is another upcoming hint at Olympus. The model reportedly contains a small park area with cherry blossoms, which featured as calling cards of the city in the launch trailers for seasons four and five, as well as in loading screens. The file names also contain “olympus.”

It’s unclear how Olympus (and Psamathe) will be featured in the upcoming Apex lore, but the previous seasons have left plenty of story arcs open. Psamathe is supposedly safer than other parts of the Outlands, according to previous lore, which may leave little room for a bloodsport in the city.

Respawn could launch a new map hosted on some part of Psamathe and would still have close to half a season to set the stage for the shift with more lore or in-game teasers. It could also be a narrative shift to develop storylines first, followed by a different map at some point. Although the extent of the move to Olympus is still uncertain, one thing is clear: Apex‘s sixth season is going to Olympus in some capacity.