Apex’s possible season 6 map update could be a hovering ‘park-like’ area, according to data miner

Shrugtal reconstructed the structure using Blender and prop data from the game files.

Screengrab via Respawn Entertainment

Apex Legends’ latest devstream gave fans a glimpse of a possible change to Kings Canyon in season six: a colossal UFO-like structure. Shrugtal, one of the most prolific data miners in the community, reconstructed the upcoming addition to the arena in thorough detail.

The new area is a park-like structure with trees, grass, and even a mini-mart. It could point towards Psamathe, where Revenant’s “source code” was moved to after Loba triggered the security systems in the Kings Canyon facility.


The structure will likely be located on the south side of the map and take the place of the suspended skull in Salvage but will be connected to the rest of the map through ziplines. It reportedly hovers instead of being propped up by a crane, which means that the only two ways to access it will likely be through ziplines or dropping straight onto it.

The addition to the map will “most likely going to appear in King’s Canyon after the quests finish,” according to Shrugtal, which may give away a possible ending to the story of The Broken Ghost. The previous chapters revealed Loba’s true motive for gathering the legends: She was assembling the artifact at Hammond Robotics’ behest.

Cheryl Amacci, the head of Hammond’s legal department, approached Loba to offer her the location of Revenant’s “source code,” his head, which was teleported to Psamathe in the season five launch trailer. In exchange for the information, the thief would have to assemble a mysterious relic that Hammond wants.

The suspended structure could point towards Psamathe and its filenames mention Olympus. Psamathe is more than just the location of Revenant’s source code, however. It’s also where Revenant murdered Loba’s parents, and given Apex‘s focus on developing the storyline between the simulacrum and the thief, the narrative could move to Olympus in the future depending on how The Broken Ghost ends.

The park also mentions a new name: “Reseda.” One of the signs points passersby to a “Reseda Trail,” and another big sign means that the park itself could be named Reseda. The exact meaning of the name, however, is still unclear.

The files only contain a version of the props that are still in development, according to Shrugtal, which means that the final version of the structure could be different than what the video shows.

Respawn hasn’t officially mentioned the purpose of the UFO after its appearance in the devstream. Given that the ending to The Broken Ghost is a little over a week away, however, Respawn is likely holding onto the announcement to give players a chance to experience the quest’s ending before hinting at it.